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Housing is now open to all for the 2023 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, California, July 23-27. You can reserve your hotel through the AACC housing center, which is hosted by SPARGO (the official housing service company for AACC).

By booking through the AACC housing center, you will benefit from:

  • Special Rates. AACC has reserved rooms with special rates for conference attendees at area hotels in Anaheim, California.
  • Peace of Mind. AACC protects your reservation from hotel overbookings.
  • Shuttle Service. AACC will provide shuttle service to and from the convention center and most hotels that you can select from in the housing center.

Booking a room within the AACC housing block is also an important way to support AACC and ultimately help keep overall meeting costs as low as possible.

Important Dates

  • January 4, 2023: Housing opens to AACC members
  • March 1, 2023: Housing opens to non-members
  • June 28, 2023: Housing closes to everyone

Are you an exhibitor? Learn more about exhibitor housing here.

Housing Fraud Alert

Please do not make any reservations through any unknown housing or travel company. The only official hotel reservation or housing service company for AACC is SPARGO, Inc., located 11208 Waples Mill Rd., Suite 112, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Hotel reservations for the 2023 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo can be made online via the official AACC housing center.

Misleading Methods

Fraudulent housing companies may use the following misleading methods. Please do not make a reservation with any company that claims to represent AACC and that does the following:

  • Calls you on the phone; AACC will never call to make your hotel reservation.
  • Asks you to pay via Paypal, etc.; AACC only asks for a credit card.
  • Asks you to pay the entire amount upfront; AACC does not take payment upfront.

If a company does any of these things when you’re making a hotel reservation, please be aware that is not coming from the official housing provider for AACC and could be a fraud.

AACC Housing Is Open

Take advantage of benefits like complimentary shuttle service and special rates by booking your hotel through the AACC housing center.

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