Past Competitions

Since its launch in 2018, the AACC Disruptive Technology Award has recognized breakthrough diagnostics from many innovative firms.


Winner: Nanopath

Finalists: Biological Dynamics, Inc. and Visby Medical

Semifinalists: Co-Diagnostics, Inc., Cytovale Inc., and FloBio LLC

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Winner: Day Zero Diagnostics, Inc.

Finalists: Mammoth Biosciences and MeMed

Semifinalists: numares GROUP Corporation, OncoHost, and Sight Diagnostics 

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Winner: Baebies, Inc

Finalists: Alcediag and Sherlock Biosciences

Semifinalists: Cardea Bio, Geneoscopy, and Zepto Life Technology

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Winner: Inflammatix

Finalists: PixCell Medical and Singlera Genomics

Semifinalists: Bacteromic, COMBiNATi, Newomics, and PCR ONE

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Winner: GNA Biosolutions

Finalists: Ativa Medical and Two Pore Guys

Semifinalists: Brevitest, Druley Lab, miDiagnostics, and PROMISE

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