Disruptive Technology Award Review Criteria

Below are the criteria used in reviewing applications for the 2023 AACC Disruptive Technology Award. Applications will be scored on a scale of 0 to 100, with the points being distributed as indicated.

Be sure to keep these criteria in mind when creating your application. Applications will be reviewed by the organizing committee and outside reviewers.

Technology Vision

(max 50 points)

  • Core Technology (10 points)
    • Clear description of the technology up front
    • Does it solve an unmet need?
  • Innovation & Differentiation (10 points)
    • Has the applicant articulated their technology's uniqueness?
    • Does it provide a better solution than current standard of care or competitive solutions?
    • Does it consider environmental sustainability in production and/or use?
  • Disruptiveness (20 points)
    • Disruptiveness of the applicant's product/offering in a rapidly emerging area
    • Will it affect healthcare costs?
    • Will it change current clinical practices?
  • Protection (10 points)
    • What type of intellectual property (Patents, International Patents; Copyright; Trademark; Trade Secret) does the company have?
    • What are the barriers to entry? How can the applicant prevent others from recreating their technology?

Business Vision

(max 15 points)

  • Team (5 points)
    • Clinical Expertise
    • Management Team if applicable
    • Partnerships
    • Mentors, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board
  • Business Model(5 points)
    • Pricing
    • Reimbursement
  • Regulatory Approval (5 points)
    • What is the regulatory class (if applicable)?
    • What is the regulatory pathway?
    • How far along the regulatory strategy path is the team?

Market Vision

(max 20 points)

  • Market Need (5 points)
    • Is the applicant solving a problem that needs to be solved?
    • Will the market accept this solution?
    • International markets expansion?
  • Target Market and Size (5 points)
    • Is it focused?
    • Is it realistic (i.e. a solid existing or potential customer base)?
    • Integrity of market analysis
  • Competition (10 points)
    • Has the applicant identified their competition - either direct or indirect?
    • Has the applicant articulated their competitive advantage?

Clarity of presentation and language

(max 5 points)

  • A proven and easily understood company profile (5 points)

Good Fit

(max 5 points)

  • Is the company a good fit for the Disruptive Technology Award Competition? (5 points)

Other/Additional Information

(max 5 points)—BONUS POINTS

  • Examples of awards, industry recognition, etc. (5 points)