Disruptive Technology Award Review Criteria

Below are the criteria used in reviewing applications for the 2021 AACC Disruptive Technology Award. Applications were scored on a scale of 0 to 100, with the points being distributed as indicated below.

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Technology Vision

(max 50 points)

  • Core Technology (10)
    - Clear description of the technology up front
    - Does it solve an unmet need?
  • Innovation & Differentiation (10)
    - Has the applicant articulated their technology's uniqueness?
    - Does it provide a better solution than current standard of care or competitive solutions?
  • Disruptiveness (20)
    - Disruptiveness of the applicant's product/offering in a rapidly emerging area
    - Will it affect healthcare costs?
    - Will it change current clinical practices?
  • Protection (10)
    - What type of intellectual property (Patents, International Patents; Copyright; Trademark; Trade Secret) does the company have?
    - What are the barriers to entry? How can the applicant prevent others from recreating their technology?

Business Vision

(max 15 points)

  • Team (10)
    - Clinical Expertise
    - Management Team if applicable
    - Partnerships
    - Mentors, Board of Directors, and Advisory Board
  • Regulatory Approval (5)
    - What is the regulatory class (if applicable)?
    - What is the regulatory pathway?
    - How far along the regulatory strategy path is the team?

Market Vision

(max 20 points)

  • Market Need (5)
    - Is the applicant solving a problem that needs to be solved?
    - Will the market accept this solution?
    - International markets expansion?
  • Target Market and Size (5)
    - Is it focused?
    - Is it realistic (i.e. a solid existing or potential customer base)?
    - Integrity of market analysis
  • Competition (10)
    - Has the applicant identified their competition - either direct or indirect?
    - Has the applicant articulated their competitive advantage?

Clarity of presentation and language

(max 5 points)

  • A proven and easily understood company profile (5)

Good Fit

(max 5 points)

  • Is the company a good fit for the Disruptive Technology Award Competition? (5)

Other/Additional Information

(max 5 points)—BONUS POINTS

  • Examples of awards, industry recognition, etc. (5)