Rapidly Scaling High-Throughput COVID-19 Testing With The Thermo Fisher Scientific Amplitude Solution

Supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific


In order to reach the COVID-19 testing volumes needed to help reduce the spread of disease and restore economies and communities, clinical laboratories need high-throughput, highly-automated systems that are easy to install and run. The Thermo Fisher Scientific Amplitude Solution is an upcoming, new, highly automated molecular diagnostic testing system that can analyze up to 8,000 COVID-19 specimens in 24 hours. In this webinar, you will learn about the current challenges clinical laboratories are facing when scaling their COVID-19 testing, learn about how this new system can improve laboratory efficiencies with minimal staffing, and how easily a system like this can be implemented in a clinical laboratory.


Robert Balog
Director of Research and Development
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Elliot Shelton
Sr. Director High-Throughput Program Management
Thermo Fisher Scientific