The challenge and promise of launching COVID-19 testing in small and non-traditional labs

Tuesday, September 28, 11:30 - 11:50 a.m.
Exhibit Hall, Theater 2
Supported by LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.


Nearly every laboratory in the developed world is technologically capable of running their own COVID tests in house, yet CLIA certified labs remain under-utilized. From physician lab offices to small, rural hospitals, in-house testing means lower costs, revenue generation, faster results, and better care. For governments and travel organizations it means re-opening borders and the economy. Yet, most testing is still restricted in large volume diagnostic labs and government programs backed by large health systems. In this session, we’ll explore the challenges necessary to drive testing decentralization in the context of our own journey from becoming the foremost provider of swab and extraction kits for Public Health Canada to helping launch one of the first airport testing programs and outfitting eight 45-foot RVs to function as mobile clinics performing 5,000 tests/day throughout the United States.


After attending this session, participants will be able to explain:

  • Why testing supply chain issues early in the pandemic disproportionately impacted small labs, and how small labs can thrive today if they connect with a testing provider catered to their needs.
  • How innovation in the testing space, driven by the pandemic, has led to more affordable gold-standard testing solutions and a more agile testing model that could expand business opportunities to include wastewater, water quality and surface pathogen testing options, among others.
  • Why small lab programs need more flexible and customizable testing solutions that they are unlikely to get from large corporate distributors.


Jordan Shmidt
Director, Product Applications
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
New Brunswick, Canada

Kinn Elliott
Director, Government Affairs
LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.
New Brunswick, Canada