Emerging Diagnostics Pathway

If you are interested in learning more about emerging diagnostics, check out these sessions at the 2021 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo.


32104 New Technologies and Innovations to Improve the Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory medicine is constantly looking for approaches to improve its efficiency and workflow. Two examples of preanalytical aspects will be taken to illustrate the benefits that new technologies would bring. The first example arises from recent issues with laboratory supplies such as face shields and swabs. The use of 3D printing was able to alleviate these shortages. This technology has multiple potential developments, ranging from printing replacement parts for laboratory analyzers, creating libraries of interesting cases, and developing functional organs. The second example tackles sample transportation, handling, and processing. The potential usages of drones in laboratory medicine are still in their infancies. Learn more.

32221 Case Studies in the Use of Emerging Technologies in Pediatric Laboratory Medicine

Emerging technologies such as next generation sequencing, whole exome sequencing, metabolomics, and machine learning/AI are being developed to assist the laboratorian in the investigation of pediatric related diseases. Cases will be presented highlighting the use of some of these novel techniques and processes that can streamline investigations in different areas of pediatric laboratory medicine and shorten the diagnostic pathway. Learn more.

32223 Drug Checking: Using Mass Spectrometry and Novel Rapid Mobile Devices to Reduce Opioid Overdoses

The increasing incidence of fatal overdose remains a primary public health concern in North America. A key contributor to the rise in overdose is the emergence of highly potent opioids, such as fentanyl, in the unregulated drug supply. Experts have identified drug checking as an important tool within a comprehensive approach to preventing overdose fatalities. Drug checking provides people who use drugs with information on the composition of their drugs in order to reduce associated risks by allowing educated choices about their drug use. It also provides valuable drug market monitoring data that can be triangulated with other data sources to rapidly identify local drug trends. Learn more.

12002 Disruptive Technology Award Competition

AACC's Disruptive Technology Award Competition recognizes innovative testing and disruptive technology solutions that improve patient care through diagnostic performance or access to high quality testing. Finalists will present their innovative technologies in this special session for a chance to win the 2021 competition. Join us to cast your vote as well for the finalist you believe will be the next breakthrough technology in laboratory medicine. Learn more.


33225 Novel Multiplex Proteomics Technologies for Biofluid Analysis: Looking Beyond Mass Spectrometry

In this Scientific Session, we will introduce the innovative inner workings behind several new multiplex proteomics technologies and provide orthogonal technical comparisons to discuss their technical reliability and readiness for the clinical laboratory. The session will also feature talks on recent, cutting-edge translational research that leveraged the tools to identify novel drug targets and biomarkers for various disorders, including cancer and cardiovascular disease. We finally provide a current example as well as future perspectives on the application of multiplex proteomics technologies for complementing MS in the clinical laboratory, to improve throughput, turn-around time, and sensitivity for multi-analyte quantification in biofluids. Learn more.


15001 or 65001 Clinical Translation of Engineered Microsystems: From COVID-19 to Hematology and Hemostasis

Dr. Lam’s unique interdisciplinary approach to studying hematologic processes involves development and application of microsystems technologies, microfluidics, and cellular mechanics to advance diagnostics and treatment. In this Plenary Session, Dr. Lam will focus on updates in microsystems-based COVID-19 diagnostics and advances in diagnostic platform miniaturization with a hematology and hemostasis/thrombosis focus. Learn more.

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