These six pathways highlight different dynamic areas of clinical laboratory medicine. Check out the sessions that support your area of interest and make the most of your educational experience this year.

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Mobilizing Data Analytics


32101 Bad, Better, Best: Putting Machine Learning Models to the Test

32108 Transforming Laboratory Medicine through Mobile Health Technologies

32445 Optimizing Laboratory Workflows Using Information System Tools: Leveraging Middleware, Health Information, and Laboratory Information Systems to Enhance Patient Care


33223 Data Machine Learning 101: Opening Opportunities for Laboratory Stewardship


34101 AACC Healthcare Forum: How to Transform Laboratory Medicine with Data Interoperability

34109 Let Me Show You the Data! A Showcase of Clinical Laboratory Dashboards


Transforming Population Health & Equity


32446 Population Genomics Health and Precision Medicine


33103 At the Heart of Sex and Gender

33108 Laboratory Implementation of Recommendations from the NKF-ASN Task Force Reassessing the Inclusion of Race in Diagnosing Kidney Diseases

33232 Laboratory Testing for the Assessment of Preterm Delivery: A Summary of the AACC Academy Guidance Document


34224 Do Pediatric Reference Intervals Reflect the Development of Healthy Children


35105 Molecular Diagnostic Approaches to Navigating Healthcare Obstacles in Intersex and Transgender Patients


Accelerating Molecular Diagnostics


32226 Practical Challenges with Implementation of Diagnostic Algorithms for Infectious Disease

32106 SNP! BAM! NEO! Using Proficiency Testing Data to Unlock Your Molecular Lab’s Superpowers: An interactive session with the College of American Pathologists Molecular Oncology Committee


33104 Clinical Chemistry Journal: Hot Topics in Molecular Diagnostics

33222 Defining the Value of Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Microbiology

33227 Selecting Suitable Indicators to Monitor the Pre- and Post-Analytical Performance of Genomics Assays


34106 Genomic Prescribing: Implementation of Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Testing and Results Delivery Programs Across Major Academic Medical Systems


Elevating Point-of-Care Testing


193012 Ten Hut! Fall in for the Essential Elements of a Point-of-Care Testing Boot Camp


33225 Point-of-Care Testing: Meeting Patient Needs in New Ways

33101 AACC Guidance on the Use of Point-of-Care Testing in Fertility and Reproduction

33102 Addressing Preanalytical Issues for Blood Collection and Testing Outside Conventional Locations

33233 Laboratory and Clinical Medicine Consultative Case Interpretations Involving High Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin Testing


34229 Understanding the Current Expansion of Molecular Point-of-Care Testing in the Clinical Laboratory and at the Point-of-Care


Leveling Up Laboratory Leadership


32222 Laboratory Medicine’s Role in Creating Equitable Clinical Laboratories: A Global Call to Action

32444 Leadership: Wherever You Go, There You Are

32230 Valid Vital LDTs: Current State of Regulation Legislation of Laboratory-Developed Tests


33109 The Clinical Laboratory Workforce: Essential Before, Critical Now, and a Blueprint for a Stronger Future


34103 Becoming an Ally and Advocate: A Panel Discussion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Laboratory Medicine

34222 Chemistry Confessions: Constructive Conflict Resolution with Case Studies


Advancing Clinical Toxicology


32442 Cannabis and Driving: Biomarkers, Performance, and Officer Observations

32227 Psychedelics in Medicine: Macroeconomics, Microdoses, and the Laboratory Perception


33230 Unusual Toxicology: Interpreting Complex Cases Involving Urine, Umbilical Cord, Meconium, and Hair Samples


34111 Testing Strategies for Detecting Pediatric Drug Exposure: A Case Based Discussion


35102 Drug Screening and Confirmatory Testing in Clinical Practice: Practical Interpretive Guidance and Public Health Considerations