2021 Disruptive Technology Award Semifinalists

Learn more about this year's semifinalists and their disruptive technologies:

numares GROUP Corporation — AXINON System
OncoHost — PROphet
Sight Diagnostics — Sight OLO

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numares Logonumares GROUP Corporation




Organization Description

numares AG, headquartered in Regensburg, Germany, is an international diagnostics company that develops advanced analytical tests by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to complex metabolomics data for multi-parametric biomarker discovery. The AI-driven discovery process is coupled with Magnetic Group Signaling (MGS), a proprietary technology that standardizes nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR)-derived signals, and the AXINON System, which enables high-throughput and precise NMR signal analysis for identification of metabolite constellations usable for clinical diagnostics. Metabolomics lags genomics and proteomics in precision medicine but our biomarker discovery process and laboratory use technology addresses the unmet needs for metabolic precision medicine in cardiovascular, kidney, liver, and neurological diseases.

Product/Technology Summary

We use artificial intelligence (AI) to extract all metabolic information from a single measurement (spectrum) with nuclear magnet resonance (NMR) to diagnose complex medical conditions.

Thus, the AXINON technology is the first and so far only in vitro diagnostic technology which facilitates AI to transfer the research-based NMR spectroscopy into automated, easy-to-use metabolomic multi-marker tests in a standardized high-throughput clinical routine diagnostic setting. This new approach not only yields better diagnostic performance in existing indications, but also opens the door for the diagnosis of diseases with one sample, which required elaborate diagnostic procedures in the past.

As an example, for one application (test) of the technology we developed the AXINON Clearance Check test, which uses the AXINON technology not only to more precisely measure kidney function, but also has the potential to report a signature of the metabolic status of the organ, indicating the source of the kidney dysfunction. This will enable the physician to individually treat each patient – not only based on symptoms but on the metabolic cause. Next to nephrology, tests are currently in development in the fields of hepatology, neurology, transplantation, and oncology.


OncoHost LogoOncoHost




Organization Description

OncoHost is a clinical stage precision oncology start-up that combines proteomic analysis with artificial intelligence to predict response to immunotherapy and analyze resistance mechanisms, providing clinicians with potential combination strategies to optimize treatment. OncoHost has developed a first-of-its-kind host response profiling platform, PROphet. The platform analyzes proteomic changes in patient blood samples to detect signs of resistance to cancer therapies in real-time, enabling biomarker-guided treatment planning for physicians, target discovery for drug development and, ultimately, improved outcomes for patients.

Product/Technology Summary

The idea behind OncoHost began with a burning question: Why do cancer treatments help some patients but not others? Co-founder and chief scientist, Prof. Yuval Shaked, head of the Integrated Cancer Research Center at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, discovered that a patient’s biological response to anti-cancer treatment, known as the “host response,” may actually facilitate and support tumor growth and spread. In what seems like a paradoxical reaction to treatment, our own body may actually help the tumor cells evade the effect of the cancer treatment.

Over 15 years of research, Shaked discovered that host response is a universal phenomenon regardless of the treatment modality (chemotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy, and even radiation and surgery). This encouraged OncoHost to develop a system that can decipher the host response in order to identify which treatments are best suited for individual patients, and which should be avoided. PROphet scans about 1,000 proteins in a patient’s plasma and then uses machine learning tools to identify a “protein signature” that can classify responders and non-responders. In addition, PROphet can identify potential resistance-associated mechanisms and resistance-associated proteins, flagging the therapies most likely to help an individual patient.


Sight Diagnostics LogoSight Diagnostics



Sight OLO

Organization Description

Sight Diagnostics is a blood diagnostic company that leverages machine vision and artificial intelligence to transform health systems and patient outcomes through fast, accurate, and convenient blood testing. Sight’s technology, developed with over a decade of research, combines the latest innovations in blood sample preparation, optics, chemistry, biology, physics, and computer science, representing breakthrough innovations in the diagnostic methodology.

Sight’s first product, Parasight, has diagnosed malaria in nearly 1 million tests across 24 countries. Sight OLO, Sight’s latest blood analyzer, digitizes blood with only 2 drops of a finger prick or venous sample and provides accurate, lab-grade complete blood count results in minutes. In the U.S., Sight OLO has Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for use in moderate complexity settings. Outside of the U.S., Sight OLO is CE Marked for use in point-of-care settings.

Product/Technology Summary

Sight Diagnostics aims to decentralize diagnostics, and that requires technologies that are accurate, affordable, and scalable. One of the most commonly ordered blood tests that helps providers accurately diagnose patients is a complete blood count (CBC), with four billion tests ordered annually. Doctors rely on CBC as the first line of questioning for patients with fevers, low energy, and routine checkups because it helps narrow down the patient’s potential diagnosis. Existing flow cytometry-based solutions, or “wet”-based methods, require expensive reagents and cleaning fluids and are not designed for near-patient testing.

Recognizing the need to bring rapid, lab-grade CBC testing to near-patient settings, Sight Diagnostics developed Sight OLO, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based blood diagnostics analyzer that offers accurate CBC results from just two drops of blood in minutes.

Sight OLO leverages a patented method of “digitizing” blood samples and is built with high-powered microscopes, computer vision, and AI, allowing it to deliver lab-quality results in a much more compact and efficient format than traditional CBC machines. The analyzer’s computer vision technology produces over 1,000 highly detailed images of blood from each blood sample. It then deploys fully automated AI algorithms to measure, classify, and count the different cells and identify abnormalities. As a result, Sight OLO measures 19 different parameters with 5-part differentials.

Sight OLO can be used with patients aged 3 months and above and in any clinical setting, making the technology accessible on a global scale.