Data Analytics Pathway

If you are interested in learning more about data analytics, check out these sessions at the all-virtual 2020 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo.


193015 Doing More with R: Creating Your Own Automated Reports and Dashboards

This session aims to develop skills in the use of R and RStudio for (1) creating reproducible data analysis and visualization workflows, (2) producing highly effective, publication-quality graphics, and (3) generating reports and dashboards that can be automated and easily shared. The focus will be on analyses and reports commonly used for clinical laboratory operational and quality assurance monitoring activities. Learn more.


34225 How Should We Collaborate to Realize the Value of RWE for IVD?

This session brings together individuals from industry, regulatory agencies, laboratory, and public/private partnerships to discuss the potential of real world evidence (RWE) for IVD regulatory purposes. These various perspectives are important to better enable the collaboration to realize the potential of RWE. There will be 3 speakers who will address the current gaps and practical opportunities to enable the use of RWE and real world data (RWD) followed by a panel discussion for questions. Learn more.


35222 Data-Driven Quality Assessment

High-volume chemistry testing requires a balance between robust automation and manual intervention. Identification of system vulnerabilities leads to the implementation of manual quality assurance practices, but these interventions must be practical for the laboratory or compliance will suffer. With a focus on both mass spectrometry and automated chemistry/immunochemistry technologies, this session will illustrate how to leverage laboratory data for developing efficient and successful quality assurance parameters. Learn more.

35226 Integrating Technology, Data Analytics, and the Laboratory Value Pyramid for High Value Patient Outcomes

Healthcare is transforming from volume based to high value patient outcomes, requiring the laboratory to follow suit. Leveraging technology such as automation, data analytics, pre-analytical quality checks and the Laboratory Value Pyramid may assist laboratories in this endeavor. This session will present these strategies and how laboratories can successfully implement them to enhance the quality and performance of laboratory services and improve patient outcomes. Learn more.

Thank You for Making 2020 AACC a Success

Thank you to all of the top-notch speakers, abstract authors, and exhibitors who have shared their innovations and insights at this year’s meeting—as well as the attendees, whose camaraderie and engagement have made this meeting such a success.

New Dates for 2021 AACC

AACC has moved the dates for the 2021 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim, California to September 19-23, 2021.