Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Future of Decentralized Healthcare and Diagnostics

Wednesday, July 26
10 – 10:20 a.m.
Exhibit Hall Theater 2
Supported by Anbio Biotechnology


The current in vitro diagnostic solutions need to be improved. Healthcare providers rely heavily on diagnostic results to properly treat patients; however, patient samples are sent to an offsite central laboratory, often with suboptimal turnaround times. The wait time can lead to adverse progression of the disease in question and unnecessary anxiety for the patients waiting for the diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, insurance can be a barrier to diagnosis by refusing payment for a critical laboratory test, preventing the healthcare provider from providing proper diagnosis and treatment. Hence, by providing innovative diagnostic technologies that are mobile, small in footprint, and generate test results that are accurate and reliable at the point of care, we will help in advancing healthcare and quality of life for patients.


Michael Lau
CEO, Anbio Biotechnology