New Solutions for Fast and Sensitive Nucleic Acid Detection in Inhibitor-Containing Conditions

Wednesday, July 26
10:30 – 10:50 a.m.
Exhibit Hall Theater 2
Supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific


During this session, we will present two new product offers from Thermo Fisher Scientific. First, a new direct RT-qPCR system that can be used to amplify nucleic acid from inhibitor-enriched samples. Our latest data demonstrates new reagents and workflow conditions that work best on saliva and serum samples. Second, the new Invitrogen Lyo-ready bst DNA Polymerase for (RT)-LAMP isothermal amplification. This best-in-class enzyme demonstrates the highest speed, sensitivity, and resistance to inhibitor performance in LAMP reactions. Together the lyo-ready SuperScript IV reverse transcriptase and lyo-ready RNaseOUT Rnase Inhibitors offer the fastest solution for pathogen diagnostics using RT-LAMP./p>


AgnÄ— AlminaitÄ—
Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific