Take to the Skies

The Future of Drone Delivery in Laboratory Logistics Management

Thursday, July 27

11:30 – 11:50 a.m.

Exhibit Hall Theater 1

Presentation by Spright Drone Solutions


Commercial drone delivery has been a hot topic in consumer goods and services for several years. However, it has only recently entered the U.S. healthcare domain, with its primary use occurring in overseas markets. But the promise of autonomous delivery capabilities that avoid the traditional delays of an outdated ground and air transportation system might be the modern antidote for what ails today's laboratory logistics operations.

Learn how Spright, a drone service provider specializing in medical applications, is partnering with labs and hospitals to enable the faster turnaround and more efficient transport of critical diagnostics. Session participants will also hear from Interpath Laboratory regarding their innovative initiative to implement a drone delivery network between regional collection sites and the main clinical laboratory in Pendleton, Oregon.


After attending this session, participants will be able to:

  1.  Identify the benefits of drone delivery versus traditional ground transport systems.
  2. Understand the various regulatory and logistics considerations for implementing a drone delivery program.
  3. Discuss current projects underway to ensure sample stability and security between facilities.


Justin Steinke
Senior VP of Commercial Business
Spright Drone Solutions
Gilbert, AZ