Market disruption – Blood testing beyond the status quo

Supported by Planet Innovation Pty Ltd.


Traditional lab testing has long given physicians and patients powerful insights. While lab tests continue to be an integral part of healthcare, the need exists to evolve the current experience so consumers can take ownership and responsibility for shaping their health-related decisions. This discussion will look at the importance of real-time, point-of-care blood testing and the impact lab-accurate blood results in minutes for a comprehensive suite of health tests could have. The panel of experts will discuss how others have tried and failed to deliver on the promise of truly disruptive rapid blood testing and why this time is different.


Jeff Hawkins
President and CEO

Sam Lanyon
CEO and Board Director
Planet Innovation Pty Ltd.

Dr. Charles Kennedy
Managing Partner and CEO
Blue Ox Healthcare Partners

Jerry Yeo
Professor of Pathology and Medical Director of Clinical Chemistry
University of Chicago


Anthony White
President PI North America
Planet Innovation Pty Ltd.