Revolutionizing Sample Collection with Enhanced Saliva Collection


Tuesday, July 25
12:00 p.m. – 12:20 p.m.
Location Exhibit Hall Theater 2
Supported by Porex Life Sciences Institute


This session will delve into the limitations of current sample collection techniques and highlight the role of the Saletto® Oral Fluid Collection Device in addressing these gaps. Discover how this device enhances sample collection accessibility, reduces and standardizes viscosity, and improves sample purity leading to more efficient and streamlined testing workflows. The Industry Lecture Series will primarily center around the newly introduced Saletto® Oral Fluid Collection Device for Genetic Testing Applications by the Porex Life Science Institute™. However, it will also provide brief insights into previous and upcoming initiatives from the Porex Life Sciences Institute™. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the device's intuitive design, which ensures an easy, comfortable, and hassle-free sample collection experience. The Industry Lecture Series will include the presentation of data on viscosity reduction and standardization, as well as downstream assay results and other supporting data. Join us to learn about the features and advantages of Saletto® and how these advancements will help transform the sample collection market.


Avi Robbins
President of PLSI & AG Industries, Porex Life Sciences

Vinuta Mayakonda
Director of Marketing, Porex Life Sciences