Inclusive Healthcare for Trans and Gender Diverse Patients: Centering on the Margins

Tuesday, July 25
7:00 - 8:00 a.m.
Hilton Anaheim, California Ballroom A
Supported by ABBOTT


There are many systemic barriers to inclusive healthcare, particularly for patients who are transgender or gender diverse (TGD). The need for culturally competent care stretches beyond the walls of the gender clinic, to all corners of our health and hospitals systems. Whether it’s understanding the impact of hormone replacement therapy on other aspects of health, or choosing a valid reference range, or recognizing the limitation of our EMR an LIMS system, there are countless opportunities to improve the experience of healthcare for TGD patients. By examining these opportunities, we can do both what is right for our patients while also doing what is best for our health systems.


Angela Kade Goepferd, MD (they/them)
Chief Education Officer, Chief of Staff, Founder and Medical Director of Children’s Health Program, Pediatrician Children’s Minnesota Assistant Professor, Pediatrics University of Minnesota Medical School, ABBOTT


Lori Dey
Global Manager, Clinical Labs Service Engineering
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Burlington, North Carolina