Poster Abstract Reviewer Overview

With the support of the Annual Meeting Organizing Committee (AMOC) Poster Abstract Coordinators, the poster abstract reviewers evaluate up to 1,000 poster abstract submissions each year, ensuring they represent original research relevant to the laboratory medicine community and meet standards for scientific validity, quality, and consistency.

Poster abstract reviewers serve a three-year term, with about one-third cycling off each year. Approximately 90 reviewers are needed for each AACC Annual Scientific Meeting. They are solicited annually and may be identified through AMOC, AACC Divisions, AACC Sections, and/or other AACC committees.

The entire review process is conducted individually and online. It does not require any in-person meetings or attendance of Annual Scientific Meetings — although reviewers are nonetheless encouraged to attend. An online training session is offered to help new and returning reviewers become familiar with these processes and ensure consistent application of criteria.

General Timeline

  • Reviewer application deadline: Late January
  • Notification of selection as a reviewer: Early February
  • Poster abstract reviewer training webinar: Late February/Early March; 1-2 weeks before start of review period
  • Review period (online): March, typically 3 weeks
  • Review deadline: Late March


If you are selected as a poster abstract reviewer, you will be expected to:

  • Accurately identify your area(s) of expertise in your initial application form.
  • Serve a three-year term, beginning with the upcoming AACC Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Maintain AACC membership in good standing throughout your term.
  • Participate in training/education session on AACC poster abstract submission, review, and scoring processes.
    • Training session is led by AMOC Poster Abstract Coordinators.
    • Training session is online and typically held in February, shortly before the review portal opens. For the 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, it will be held the week of February 21, 2022.
    • Participation is required in the initial year of service and highly recommended in subsequent years.
  • Review and score assigned poster abstract submissions.
    • Each reviewer is assigned up to 25 abstracts, depending on topical expertise and number of submissions received.
    • Assignments are based on reviewer-identified areas of expertise.
    • Each abstract is reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers.
    • Abstract review typically takes place in February to March. It is critical that poster abstract reviewers be able to review and score by the deadline. For the 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting, the review will take place from March 4 to March 24, 2022.
    • The entire review process is conducted individually and online. It does not require any in-person meetings or attendance of the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • Apply standards and criteria consistently across submissions reviewed.
  • Submit scores in a timely manner.