How to Format Your Poster Abstract

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Before beginning your submission, please prepare your poster abstract in a word processor such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Microsoft Word is preferred. WordPerfect is acceptable but may not be able to convert properly. Using Microsoft Word will therefore expedite processing of your abstract.

Abstract text is limited to 500 words or less. If a figure, graphic, or table is included, the limit is 300 words or less. The preferred structure is Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. Instructions on formatting and organization are below. After saving and proofreading your file, go to the AACC poster abstract submission site to begin submission.


  • Do NOT include the title, author(s), or institution(s) in the abstract file. This may result in rejection of your abstract. Only include the poster abstract text.
  • Use a widely available font such as Arial, Helvetica, or Times.
  • Use a legible font size.
    • Typically, 12-point font for paragraph text.
    • Typically, a minimum of 8-point font for tables or figures.
  • Do NOT use hard returns (i.e., enter key) to break lines; use the word wrap feature.
  • Minimize use of special characters and symbols when possible. If you use symbols, use the standard symbol font; do NOT use third party and special symbol fonts. Please note that you need to indicate ™ and ® symbols only upon the first occurrence of a name requiring the designation.


  • Single-space all paragraphs.
  • Never indent a paragraph.
  • Never insert a blank line in your abstract or between paragraphs.


  • Text-only abstracts are limited to 500 words.
  • Poster abstracts containing one figure (either a graph, chart, or table) are limited to 300 words.
  • You may use the word count feature in your word processing system as a general guideline, however, the submission site count will be the final determination.

Charts, Figures, Graphs (not required)

  • You must upload a graphic file separately from the poster abstract.
  • Graphics should be no larger than 3.25 inches (8.3 cm) wide by 5 inches (12.7 cm) high and must be legible at these dimensions.
  • Graphics can only be accepted in the following formats: GIF, JPG/JPEG.
  • The graphic file should be cropped to eliminate extra white space.


  • Tables should be prepared in a simple format using Word or Excel and should fit within a 3.25 inch (8.3 cm) wide area while maintaining legibility.
  • Tables are limited to 10 columns and 15 rows.
  • To create your table, either use the “Insert Table” function in Word or the “Format as Table” function in Excel.