CLEAR Health Pass Instructions

Please note that, at this time, the CLEAR Health Pass is only available for attendees and exhibitors with vaccination records from the United States. All attendees and exhibitors from localities other than the United States must check in and provide proof of vaccination at an Entry Requirements Help Desk at the Georgia World Congress Center entrance.

Be sure to complete your CLEAR Health Pass Validation at least 3 days before arriving at the conference. To do so:

  1. Download the CLEAR app
  2. Select Health Pass and use confirmation code AACC21 or find us under the Conference tile and select AACC2021
  3. Enroll in CLEAR or verify your identity with a quick selfie
  4. Select the health screening verification you will be providing (vaccine) and follow the prompts to either scan your vaccine card or link to your vaccine provider. Please note that sync times vary by provider, so again, make sure to do this at least 3 days before arriving at the conference.
  5. After 3 days, reopen CLEAR Health Pass. If your Health Pass is green, this means your vaccine status has been validated and you are cleared to attend 2021 AACC. When you arrive at the convention center, be ready to show your Health Pass at the entrance.

Having trouble with Health Pass? If you have any issues with or questions about CLEAR, please reach out to the CLEAR team at [email protected] or tap “Get In Touch” in the app for assistance.

How to Link Your Vaccine in Health Pass

Option 1: Upload a photo of your CDC vaccine card

  • When prompted to add your vaccination, select “add your vaccination card”
  • Take a photo of your vaccination card and confirm your vaccine information
    • Please note, the photo of your CDC card is used to generate a green or red Health Pass. You will not be able to access the photo again after it is taken.
  • Best practices when uploading your CDC card:
    • Scan original CDC cards only (no photocopies)
    • Place your CDC card against a dark background (so that the app can easily detect the card’s edges)
    • Please note that your card must have an unobstructed CDC emblem, title, and subtitle in order for you to upload it

Watch this 30 second demo to see how to upload a photo of your CDC vaccine card.

Option 2: Digitally link to your vaccine

  • The CLEAR app is integrated with select healthcare providers and pharmacies. If your provider/pharmacy is one of these, you will be able to select your vaccine provider in the menu or by searching “other providers.
  • Next, log in to your patient portal and follow instructions to securely link your account with CLEAR.
  • Check that your COVID-19 vaccine appears in your patient portal. If it doesn’t, we recommend that you reach out to your provider directly.
  • If found in your patient portal, your vaccine status will link automatically. It may take up to 1 hour to verify your vaccine within Health Pass. Do not try to resync while you’re waiting for this process to finish.
  • If you are unable to find your provider in the CLEAR app search, CLEAR may not be able to link with them at this time. In this case, please go back and upload a photo of your CDC vaccine card.

Watch this 30 second demo to see how to digitally link a vaccine.

CLEAR’s Privacy Policy

Trust and transparency are CLEAR’s top priority, and with Health Pass, users are always in control of their health information. Personal information is only used to deliver a smooth and secure experience with CLEAR and 2021 AACC. You can find more details about this in CLEAR’s Privacy Policy here.